Integration challenge with Angular 9 for multiple charts

HI ,

I am try to integrate DHTMLX Gantt chats with Angular 9 , In our requirement we are expecting the behaviours to add from 3 different samples

1) (Chart)
2) (Filter for days / months)

My query is that can we integrate individual features of the respective charts to be integrated with the Angular application . Please point to me to the reference which would help us for the implementation .


Hi @Uday,

yes, you surely can integrate these features.
Split tasks are done at the data level:
Tasks that have the property render:"split" will become split tasks, their subtasks will be displayed as split-parts.
In order to be able to expand/collapse split tasks, you’ll need the following config:

gantt.config.open_split_tasks = true;

Filtering is done using simple event API, please check the related article:

And in order to change the timescale settings you can check the following articles: