Integration with Angular 7


I am trying to integrate scheduler component with my Angular app that is built on Angular 7 and 8. I have tried all solutions given on your forum and github but unfortunately there is no luck. I am getting the following errors.

Uncaught ReferenceError: dhtmlx is not defined
at dhtmlxscheduler.js:11
at Object…/node_modules/dhtmlx-scheduler/codebase/dhtmlxscheduler.js (dhtmlxscheduler.js:319)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:79)
at Module…/src/app/scheduler/scheduler.component.ts (main.js:627)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:79)
at Module…/src/app/app.module.ts (app.component.ts:8)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:79)
at Module…/src/main.ts (environment.ts:16)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:79)
at Object.0 (main.ts:12)

Can anyone help me to resolve these issues?



Hi @Shahid,

Unfortunately, we don’t have ready demo and tutorial for Angular 8/7.

I can share with you only demo for Angular 6: https://files.dhtmlx.com/30d/0c6d70a6db699e21732ba8c1f398e483/angular-demo.zip
Hope that will be helpful for you.



This demo is already available on git.

I just wanted to know if this scheduler component is compatible with Angular 7 and 8 or not?

If its compatible then how can I fix these errors because I am stuck at first level as scheduler object is not instantiate.

I only need some help where to start to get these issues resolved. I am not asking for the complete demo.



Let’s continue discussion via support.