Integration with Backbone.js

Hello. I would like to ask about best approach for a grid to integrate with Backbone JS object model. Especially about updating data visible in grid on the fly when there is change. I am not using grid’s editing features, so i don’t need two-way binding.

Backbone has models and data in these models are stored in key - value dictionary. I could convert it to plain JSON array as the grid is expecting, but that would mean lost bond to that model. So with model updating it’s data, i don’t know how to update the grid. Only way could be by ID of that row, but i didn’t seen in docs any method how to refresh data for one row by ID.

It would be best, if i can make some kind of data adapter for grid, that will be grabbing data directly from Backbone model when needed and then some ability to tell grid, to invalidate displayed rows and render them again with updated data directly from model.

Thanks for help


Unfortunately we do not have Backbone data adapter. As a workaround you can create custom XML/JSON type. Please find more information here … s_creation