integration with Google Gear

I’d like to build a desktop application using Google Gears and I’d like to use DHTMLXScheduler in that. I’d like to know if there is possibility to connect scheduler with Google Gears SQLite database results?

In scheduler server side integration, there are examples available using php but due to no support of server side programming in Google Gears, so how can i load events?

There is no built in integration for client side storage
Oncoming dhtmlx 2.6 will include client side handlers for dataprocessor, which will allow easy implementation of such things, as for now, you can use

//code here to add event to GGear
return true;

//code here to update event in GGear
return true;

Does connector supports PDO SQlite?

Yes, there are known implementations, which work correctly.
( dyn. loading may not work, but it is not actual for dhtmlxScheduler )

You may need to adjust config.xml_date to the format of SQLite date