Integration with PHP or NodeJS -spreadsheet


Do you have integration of spreadsheet available with PHP or NodeJS
if yes can you provide the link to the github repo


dhx.Spreadsheet has no any specific backend integration. It is a client-side library.
Could you please, clarify what result do you need to get so I could suggest any specific solution.


I would like to make the spreadsheet database driven


For loading the data from your database to the dhx.Spreadsheet you need to generate a valid JSON dataset on your backend according to the following template:
and load it to your spreadsheet using the load() method:
For the data saving you may serialize your data to the json string:
and send it to your server using the dhx.Ajax (or any other suitable AJAX) helper.


i am using dhx.Ajax to send data to server.below is the code. i am getting error spreadsheet_initialization_with_multiple_sheets.html:70 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘query’)“AfterValueChange”, function(cell, value) {                      



                // saving state

                var state = spreadsheet.serialize();

                console.log(state, “state”)

                // make ajax call









Please, note, there is no query() method in the dhx.Ajax:
Pleas, try to use the post() instead:


getting same error while trying to use POST as well


Do you have dhx.Suite also? or only the dhx.Spreadsheet?