Integration with Sharepoint 2010?

I’m looking for a tool to build treeview menu’s populated from a MS Sharepoint 2010 term store set. Is this something dhtmlxTree can help with? What I really need is to create 3 separate trees in the left navigation pane of a page, representing 3 facets of navigation (i.e. Location, Subject, Audience). Or, a single tree with the facets each starting at a top level (ie. not a single top node with each of the facets listed under it…each facet is a top level).

I’m trying to find something AJAX-based so that when I click on one facet, I need the tree to interact with a search result set to limit the other 2 facets based on returned data. It looks like Connect could assist with the data management.

This probably makes no sense, but if anyone has used the ASP.NET version of this with any success inside of Sharepoint 2010, please do respond and let me know how it went. Or if this is just not possible, that would be good to know also.

Thanks in advance!