inter-window communication


I have an existing ASPX application that I would like to host within a single Index.html file using several dhxWindows - by setting the URL parameter of each to point to my existing ASPX pages.

I have built an Index.html that contains dhxWindow1 with URL to my DataList.aspx page, no problem.

If I click an item in my DataList.aspx page I expect it would try to bring up a new browser window e.g.


What I would like to do is create dhxWindow2 within my Index.html page and set the URL to the above path.

I had a look at the samples and couldn’t see anything like this, couild you point me in the right direction please?




You can call functions defined in Index.html page from pages loaded inside windows:


For example, if you want to create a new window with a certain url, something as follows can be used:


Where openWindow is defined on index page:

function openWindow(url){

var win = dhxWins.createWindow(…);