Interested in JavaScript to do list? Leave your ideas for DHTMLX developers

Our team is considering the possibility of creating a new JavaScript component for project management - To Do List. We suppose that a to-do list could be especially helpful for the users of our Gantt chart library.

We’ll be looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. Let us know in this topic what features are must-have for you!

Do you need a JavaScript to-do list component?

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We have implemented an interesting concept in our app for how we use To-Do’s along with Tasks, that I would like to share with the Gantt Dev team:

Business Background
Using the Gantt to schedule tasks is work that gets more time-consuming as projects get more complicated and large. It also involves users figuring out schedules and dependencies. Project Managers (PMs) are not always the right people to edit or define sub-tasks for large, complex tasks as this requires the knowledge of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who are often the owners of the tasks.

Business Requirement
Allow task owners (who are the SMEs for that task) to define To-Do lists for the task. To-Dos inherit the start/end dates of their parent task so no additional scheduling work needs to be done for them. To-Dos can be assigned an owner (anyone from the project team, allowing the task owner to loop in other team members) and have the same detail & tracking attributes - status, progress, description, title, etc.


  • Task owners can add detail about sub-tasks to a task without affecting the project schedule and without expensive updates on dependencies (links) to ensure the critical path is accounted for.
  • Tasks can be used in creative ways to simulate the behavior of Agile projects - a To-Do list on a task could be used to simulate a Sprint, for example, if the parent task start/end dates are set to the Sprint size (2 weeks, 1 month, etc).
  • Task owners can assign work to other team members in the context of a single task, allowing multiple people to work on tasks while following a “single ownership” rule.
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Thank you very much for sharing your use case! It will be of great value for us during the development process.

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