Intermittent XML error loading Scheduler

Hello everyone. First of all, this is a great product and a big thanks to the developers and supporting community.

I am having a rather large problem that has been taking up countless hours of my time. I had the scheduler component all working and had about 4000 appointments loaded into it. It is running on a Linux server and works just fine. I now need to install it on a local server we have in the office. I installed XAMPP (Wamp Server) and configured the program to run with the exact same data. Now when loading the schedule, an XML error comes up for some of the months (I have dynamic loading set). For example, October and December will not load and an alert popup showing the incorrect XML will come up. However, November will load just fine. I thought it may be the amount of appointments for those months, but November has more data than December and loads just fine. It’s like the server isn’t returning the complete XML to the server. Whats even more interesting is if I pull up the schedule locally on the machine via localhost, everything works great, but when I try to use the IP address (access externally), only some months will load. Any ideas on what could be causing these errors? I need to get this fixed ASAP so any help would be extremely appreciated. I would even be willing to pay someone if I have to to get this fixed. Thanks for your time and any feedback you can provide.

Matt St. Amant


  1. Does it work fine if you use instead of localhost?

  2. Try adding in the connector initialization before rendering:


For example:

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res); $scheduler->enable_log("log.txt",true); $scheduler->render_table("events_tt","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_name,details,section_id,section2_id");

Then open your scheduler and navigate between monthes in it, information will be saved in the log.txt file in the same directory with the connector initialization file. It will give us more information to go on with that issue.

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