Will the next version of these wonderful tools support i18n? The customer loves the prototype, but is angry that the grid’s paging labels are in English.

Actually the paging labels in grid the only place where hard-coded text used ( it used also in error messages, but they are not purposed for common usage )
Paging text can be reinitialized in next way

In case of default paging you can set used text as
    grid.recordsInfoStr="Results [from]-[to] of [about][total]"

In case of paging with toolbar , you can set toolbar labels as

    grid.setPagingWTMode(true,true,true,true,[“Results”,"Records from “,” to ","Page ",“rows per page”]);

parameters 1-4 controls visibility of related buttons, the last parameter are text array of used labels

Please inform if you know any other place which contains hard-coded text.