Internet Explorer 9 - File is not found alert

Hi There

We have implemented the gantt chart in an upcoming product and it is working fine, except for in IE9.

Our page renders the xml directly into the html, and the gantt is loading ok in all browsers, except IE9 where we get a File is not found alert. When we then click OK, there is no data in the gantt, just an empty chart.

The alert itself, merges in the contents of the xml e.g. File (<?xml verion="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>…remaining xml content… ) is not found

I have tested with the sample xml, and this still won’t work in IE9.

for reference, this is how we are initiating the chart.

// Create Gantt control
ganttChartControl = new GanttChart();
// Setup paths and behavior
ganttChartControl.setImagePath("{!URLFOR($Resource.gantt, ‘/imgs/’)}");
//add inline descriptions
//make editable?
// Build control on the page
// Load data structure

where {!projectXML} merges in the xml string served from the db on load.

If any one has any suggestions on why this isn’t working that would be great.

Oh, and we are using the most up to date version of the gantt package.