Internet explorer Compatibility View


I have a major problem with the latest version of internet explorer. I use a lot of grids and they all work fine in all browser except the latest versions of Internet explorer. When I open my site with internet explorer and that the compatibility mode is off, the grid does not display at all. If I put the compatibility mode on, then all works an previously.

the problem is that I have so many user that use my system that I can’t just contact all of them…

Any help on that

Attached is a code snippet in html

I was not able to attached the code so here it is

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<script type="text/javascript">

	function OpenPopupCustomSizeNew(strUrl, strName, strHeight, strWidth)
        var winh = screen.height - strHeight;
        var winw = strWidth;
        var winl = ((screen.width - winw) / 2);
        var wint = 50;
        if(typeof(objPopupWindow) == "undefined")
	        objPopupWindow =, strName ,"directories=no,height=" + winh + ",left=" + winl + ",location=yes,menubar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,toolbar=no,top=" + wint + ",width=" + winw);

	        objPopupWindow =, strName ,"directories=no,height=" + winh + ",left=" + winl + ",location=yes,menubar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,toolbar=no,top=" + wint + ",width=" + winw );
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    <script language="javascript">
    // <!--
    // Define JS Grid 
    var objAccessRequestInfoGrid;
    var objAccessRequestInfoProcess;
    // Function to initialize the grid
    function InitAccessRequestInfoGrid()
    	// Initialize the grid and load from xml
    	objAccessRequestInfoGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('objAccessRequestInfoGrid');
    	// Initialize data processor
    	objAccessRequestInfoProcess = new dataProcessor('/celebrityinternational/requestAccess.asp?ysnProcessAccessRequestInfoGridXml=1');
    	//==> START Nihar 2011.05.02: Function to fix the issue of Accent characters
    	//==> END Nihar 2011.05.02: Function to fix the issue of Accent characters
    	// indicate when the data processor should send data and update. Available values: cell (default), row, off.
    	// If turned off, then sendData() will need to be called manually by code
    	// Define extra action to execute from the data processor response
    	objAccessRequestInfoProcess.defineAction('errorMessage', objAccessRequestInfoProcess_onError);
    	objAccessRequestInfoProcess.defineAction('noErrorMessage', objAccessRequestInfoProcess_onNoErrorMessage);
    	// Define transaction mode and initialize the data processor with the grid
    	objAccessRequestInfoProcess.setTransactionMode('POST', true);
    // Function to Call the sendData() method with the data processor object of the grid
    function ProcessAccessRequestInfoGrid()
    	// set all rows as updated to send all rows to dataprocessor
    	var i=1 ;
    	var j;
    	var k=0;
    		objAccessRequestInfoProcess.setUpdated(id, true);
    		if (j == null || j == "") 
    			k= k+1;
    	// Call the data processor script

    if (k==0) {
    // window.location=‘requestAccessThankYou.asp’;

    // Function that will work as an Error handler executed from user defined action 'errorMessage' response from dataprocessor (set up in the InitGrid function)
    function objAccessRequestInfoProcess_onError(node)
        // Append the content of the errorMessage xml tag response from data processor
    	document.getElementById('tdErrorMessageBox').innerHTML +=;
    	// show the Error message div
    // Function getting launched if data processor is giving response that there is no error message 
    function objAccessRequestInfoProcess_onNoErrorMessage(node)
    	// go to thank you page
    // Call the function to Initialize the grid
    // -->
    <table align="center">
    <script language="javascript">
    // <!--
    function btnSubmit_click()
        // Hide the error message box div and the error message content
    	// Process order info grid
    	// if order info grid is processed with no error message, it will automatically call the processCreditCardgrid
    	// then the ProcessCreditCardGrid will go to the next step if it is complete with no error message  
    // -->

    Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally. Your code works well for us in IE10.

    Please, try to update the version of your dhtmlxgrid.
    If issue still occurs - please, provide with a complete demo. where the issue can be reconstructed.

    How can we do the update of dhtmlx grid ?

    You can grab the GPL version directly from the site.
    If you are using PRO version - please contact ( normally, we are sending emails with download links to all customers, after new version release )