Invalid UTF-8 sequence with JSONDataConnector

I’m trying to use JSONDataConnector (PHP Connector) with a DataStore, but every time the connector renders my table, I get the following warning in my connector log file as well as my PHP error log file.

json_encode(): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument at E:\intranetbeta\Resources\dhtmlx\codebase\connector\data_connector.php line 216

The data still renders and updates, but I don’t want these warnings filling up my logs. The database and table are both set to use UTF-8 collation, and I’ve tried manually setting the connector encoding to “utf-8” even though that’s supposed to be the default.

I tried switching to using DataConnector instead of JSONDataConnector, but then the DataStore wouldn’t load in the data.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Never mind. There’s apparently something bad in my data, because the XML DataConnector is also giving an error when outputting UTF-8. It works when I set the encoding to iso-8859-1, though. Annoyingly, I can’t figure out what character in my data is causing the problem.