Invalid XML

Hi I’m trying to get a simple grid setup using the connector to my MySQL DB, but I keep getting Invalid XML

Here is my code :


[/code] -------------------------------------------------------- mconnector.php [code]<?php require_once("dhtmlx/dhtmlxConnector/codebase/grid_connector.php");

$griddb = mysql_connect(“localhost”, “xxx”,“xxx”);

$grid = new GridConnector($griddb);

The log file shows :

Log started, 29/07/2010 06:07:42

SELECT sub_id FROM tbl_submit
Done in 0.0011789798736572s

Server side PHP logs show no errors.

Can anybody tell me what I’m missing, I’ve been going round in circles for hours :frowning:

Many Thanks


Try to attach dhtmlxcommon_debug.js file to your page and send us error which grid will return.