iOS 6 textarea problem

I’m producing an app for iPad using dhtmlx touch + phonegap.

I have textarea controls in a form which worked fine until recently, but now they don’t. When I tap inside a textarea the keyboard pops up, but as soon as I start typing the keyboard disappears and no text is entered.

What’s changed is I updated xcode on my Mac to v4.5 to support iOS6, because we’re going to be using iPad3’s with iOS6 pre-installed.

If I run the app in xcode using the iOS 5.1 simulator it all works as it did previously. But if I use the iOS 6 simulator or compile the app, the textareas don’t work.

Is this something you can fix, or have Apple screwed me!

Solved this myself.

I had declared textarea controls with a height:“auto” property, like so :-

{ view:"textarea", id:"myText", inputHeight:100, label:"placeholder text", height:"auto" }

I did this because otherwise the bottom of the textarea field would be truncated if other fields followed. This worked fine when deployed on a iOS5.1 device.

By changing the definition to this :-

{ view:"textarea", id:"myText", inputHeight:100, label:"placeholder text", height:130 }

It now works in iOS6.

The “height” property is still necessary to avoid the input area being truncated, and should be 20-ish greater than “inputHeight” to leave enough room to render the control properly.