iPad Combobox

I know I read here you guys have done a mobile library for mobile devices.

However, I need to have one web page support all devices. meaning laptop, desktop, ipad, tablet.

It is a web page, so theoritically speaking code wise you should be able to use the normal combobox on any of the devices. Because it is HTML/Javascript compliant with the browsers.

However, when I use the combobox it doesn’t scroll with the finger or have scroll bars with the ipad.

And from what I read I need to use a special mobile library and it doesn’t have the same functionality as the normal combobox.

Is my understanding right? That you guys are saying if I want a web page to work on an iPad I have to build a specific web page for mobile devices(iPad, tablet) and build a specific web page for normal pc devices and use two different libraries but the mobile library is limited in functionality?


Touch devices doesn’t provide overflow (but iOS5 allows scroll). It is not only the issue of our Combo, it relates any html container.
DHTMLX Touch processes touch events and uses transformations for scrolling (dhtmlxCombo doesn’t).