iPad Support ? Scrolling Fails In dhtmlxGrid

I’ve purchased a commercial license for dhtmlxGrid. In the next few days we are planning to go “live” with a web-app - but have noticed that there is a problem with scrolling on the iPad. :frowning:

Will dhtmlxGrid have iPad support? This post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13540 suggests that the iPad doesn’t have scrolling, which doesn’t seem right to me.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. :nerd:

Unfortunately current version has not any special support for iPad specific events.
Grid produces native html scroll elements and how it rendered on final device it depends on used browser.

So there may be scrollable area, which can be scrolled by touch-and-drag action, but iPad will not show scrolls for it, because its UI doesn’t use scrolls for web-pages.

For large tables that scroll horizontally, it may not look too good doing a scrollable area.

If anyone knows of a way around this, please contact me or post a message here. Thank you.

use two fingers in the scrollable window / panel to scroll vertically and horizontally

We work on improving scrolling in grid for iPad.