Is dhtmlxgantt GPLv2 or GPLv2 or later?


I’ve seen some older source that says GPLv2 or later which would allow use in AGPLv3 projects using the GPLv3 exception of that license but I see now it just says GPLv2. Is this deliberate or is dhtmlxgantt still GPLv2 or later? It seems to say it can be used in GPL projects but the license text has been replaced with just a generic GPL sentence now.

Hi, dhtmlxGantt Standard Edition is distributed only under GNU GPL v2.

In which case I find your website to be very misleading where it says free for any GPL’d software.

GPLv2 is really only compatible with GPLv2. The very few other compatible GPL Licences basically only LGPLv2.1+ have to adopt GPLv2 terms in order to be able to use. Why don’t you make this a lot clearer, that unless you want your whole project subject to GPLv2 you must buy a licence? … patibility