Is dhtmlxgrid_drag.js ver 2.1 Compatiblie with IE9?


We have several DHTMLX controls in one of our production sites. A user is reporting the inability to perform drag-n-drop from one grid to another in IE9, using the library mentioned above: (dhtmlxgrid_drag.js). Should this scenario work or would there be a known issue with this?

I understand that the update to version 3 would fix any issues, however, I am only troubleshooting a remote user on a site I can not get to with a browser we do not currently have installed on any of our development machines.


we do not currently have installed on any of our development machines.
Sorry but you can’t develop HTML pages without testing this pages in different browsers.
We test our pages with IE>=v8, FF >=v4.x and Safari v5.x in different operating system (Win XP, Win Vista, Win7, Linux). And you can believe me (for example): The behavior of Safari 5.x can be different between Win XP with Windows classic style and Windows Vista.
I know this is difficult but (unfortunately) state of the art.

Thanks for the reply, however it did not even attempt to answer my question.

Any software company that develops and hosts Software as a Service (SaaS), will provide users with a list of minimum system requirements. An example of this is which browsers are supported, which operating systems are supported, etc.

Our software is a browser based application and has been in production for about 5 years. There have been many browsers and browser versions released in the last 5 years. So to keep up, we have regular updates, releases, and enhancemnts. We have a strict release schedule and policy in order to minimize the loss of productivity due to system outages.

What I would like to know is if anyone knows if the(2.1) Grid to Grid drag-n-drop feature should work on Windows7 + IE9.


Ok, if so than your company must force the system requirements (OS, Browser).
I hope for you that you still find someone who can test it.

…if so then…

A member of our QA department was able to test this scenario, and this scenario only, and it worked without issue. I do not know if the test was performed under ‘compatibility’ mode or not.

To recap: In version 2.1 dragging from grid to grid does work on Windows 7, IE9, for the scneario discribed above.


Thx for this info.