Is it possible remove the chart bar for level 0 tasks

I need to remove the chart bar for level 0 tasks. I have tried with making color opacity 0, but that affects all the charts whose color is implicitly specified. Is there a way to do something similiar but only for level 0 tasks. Also, any other way of achieving the same thing is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this meets your requirement, but you can set the task to be unscheduled and it will not be displayed on the Chart.

What a quick answer! Great job sir, much appreciated! One more question, unrelated to this, what could be the issue if the tooltip isn’t showing in the grid, but at the top of my page, and it is obvious that it is blocked by something since it only moves right-left. Again, thanks for the quick reply, enjoy your day!

I’m not from the support team. This question is probably better answer by them, however, you may want to show some screenshot, or a reproducible sample snippet for them to be able to assist you better.

Okay, thanks anyway, sorry to bother, but i have one more question. Do you know how to change the border color of the bar, since when color is changed, border stays gray, and it could me much prettier if the border and bar color matched. Thanks again for your help.

The team probably can advise you better than I can in this area.

Hi @Feel_the_Beats,
In order to change the border color of the bar from css, you should change the gantt_task_line style rule, like in this code fragment:
.gantt_task_line{ border: 1px solid red; }
Here is the snippet that demonstrates how does it work:
The second way that you could do this - set up color in the task data, and create opacity border from css, like in this snippet(check DATA and HTML tabs):
Coloring tasks docs:

Answered in this thread <Quick Info / Tooltip Extension>. Please do not duplicate the same question in multiple places".