Is it possible to customize the registration of scheduler

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DhtmlxScheduler is the most best resource scheduling control that I’ve seen. But for some cases of resource registration, like class registration, is it possible to customize DhtmlxScheduler to fulfill this requirement?


possible to customize DhtmlxScheduler to fulfill this requirement
Can you provide more detailed description of expected use-case?
Currently scheduler can be configured to show different classes, but I suspect that you have some more specific requirements.

Thanks for helping me figure it out!

Up to now, scheduler is very good for resource scheduling, like making appointments, booking meeting rooms, etc. But it seems to be limited to another use-case, like class registration. Say I have already used scheduler to set up different classes. Next, I would like students to browser these classes and be ablt to register the classes on the scheduler as well. The classes will display the capacity and the number of registrations on scheduler.

Check the image below, does it show a necessary view ?

Yeah, it looks a little bit close. Here I describe the deails:

  1. Admin/Teacher will set up different classes schedule.

  2. Student can view the class schedule and then click the class for registration, a registration dialog form will be populated when the class is clicked or double clicked.

  3. The class capacity and registration numbers should always be displayed on scheduler.

See a attached mockup .

All in all, customization should include adding a event participants table, and a customized registration form when student clicking the event(class). So I would like to know whether it is feasible from the technical point of view.

Described use-case will not require any customization in code of client side scheduler ( visual elements can be added through existing templates )

The things which need to be done are
a) custom form ( which can be shown by onClick event )
b) custom backend logic for data saving
both are not really related to the scheduler.

It looks as interesting use-case for demo app., but It is to specific to be implemented as extension for the scheduler.

You can consider contacting about custom development.

Hi Stanislav,

You are right. This requirement is a extension app, not a customization of scheduler. Thanks for your suggestion of contacting sales team. I will consider it.

Hi Stanislav,

Another relevant question, how to forbid adding event on calendar, only viewing the scheduler?

Say when students view class schedule on scheduler, they are not allowed to creat any events.

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also, you can check … donly_view