Is it possible to have chart tabs on the bottom of page?

I have an existing filter section that I would like to place the tabs on, instead of what looks like the default option of being just about the scheduler. Is it possible to have the tabs displayed on the page at the bottom like the attached image?

position of tabs can’t be customized that way. Although, you can hide a default tabs in a navigation area

.dhx_cal_navline .dhx_cal_tab{ display:none; }

And then manually add elements below the scheduler and bind scheduler.setCurrentView function to click on these elements. Use null as a date parameter (so the transition won’t change a displayed date) and a target view name as a second parameter. E.g. something like this

<div class='custom-timeline-tab' onclick='scheduler.setCurrentView(null, "timeline")'>Timeline</div> … tview.html

Thank you.