Is it possible to have tooltips on non event items?

For example, is it possible to add tooltips to items that are on the x or y axis, and are thus non events?

the built-in tooltip works only with an event elements. However, there are public client-side methods that allows showing and hiding a tooltip. Event, htmlText); scheduler.dhtmlXTooltip.hide()
You can try manually trace the onMouseMove event and display tooltip where it’s needed. I’m not sure if we did this before, so you may face some issues … event.html

The alternate way is to use a third-party tooltip, which can be configured to any target elements

Thanks for your reply.

I tried debugging the onmousemove(id, e) outside of an event and the only thing that was passed was on the e parameter and had the values clientx and clienty, which I assume is the location of the mouse on the scheduler.

Is there any way I could use onmousemove() to be context sensitive, so that when I move over a non event element in the scheduler, the id passed will be the x-axis id, not the event id?

Or is my best bet to try using a third party tooltip and style that to be like the event styling?

Any other ideas on how to create custom y axis tooltips? I need to add many different properties to the tooltip, so it’s not a trivial amount of data per y axis cell. We are using a timelineview in tree mode to render a parent category with child areas, and each area y axis cell tooltip will need to display 6 different properties, with sample size of up to 300 areas per view.

At the moment, I’ve looked at another forum member’s solution,, and that isn’t ideal for this situation, as it means loading the category areas into dhtmlx and then loading the category areas into a separate array and sending both the view. I’m already running into javascript errors when I try to populate the array, I assume due to the size of the array, not to mention the difficulty of iterating over an array of category areas.

Is there another way to populate the html title attribute of the y axis cells, or is there another way to populate each y axis cell with custom properties from the object? I know there is a label_template, but that is not currently passing all the object properties when using custom classes, and that won’t change the title.

Any other ideas?