Is It possible to Make Some Empty Rows to Full Fill the Whole Gantt Area

As blew attachment, is it possible to make some empty rows to full fill the whole gantt area?

Actually, this is for looking like a whole table in whole area instead of a breaking table for better user experiences.

I CAN NOT find any config for this. And hope any can help me! Many thanks.

Gantt doesn’t have a built-in way to do that.

It is possible to display the cells in the timeline if you use the static background and increase its height via CSS:
However, there is no easy way to do that same for the grid. You need to implement a custom solution by using the Gantt API and Javascript.
If you want us to implement it for you, I can contact you with the Sales team.

I think your solution can solve my problem. Many thanks, Ramil. :+1:

According to your way, I have another solution as below, FYI:

gantt.config.static_background = true

const timelineBgHandler = (e) => {
  const taskRoot = $('.gantt_task_bg').first();
  const bgRoot = $('.gantt_task_bg').last();
  const lastTask = taskRoot.children(':last-child');
  bgRoot.children().css("height", "100%");
let handlerTimer;
gantt.attachEvent("onGanttScroll", (e) => {
  handlerTimer = setTimeout(() => timelineBgHandler(e), 300);
gantt.attachEvent("onDataRender", timelineBgHandler);