IS IT POSSIBLE to use Autoloading from JSON , Drag & Drop an

My Project team want to make a Tree for using your DHTML Tree.

But, the tree, my team want to make, has complex functions.

1. the Tree has about 10000 or over 10000 nodes. (I saw Smart JSON parsing in Sample: dhtmlxTree)

2. the Tree will be made by JASON. (My Team was considering about using XML, but JASON is faster than XML.)

3. the Tree is with AJAX. (My Team want to show First Step or Level nodes at First. And then, Click, open the child nodes… Just like Your Autoloading from JSON in Sample: dhtmlxTree)

CORRECTLY what I ask is "IS IT POSSIBLE to use Autoloading from JSON , Drag & Drop and Updating server datasource at the same time in ONE TREE.

Yes, it is possible.

But is case of autoloading Smart Parsing should not be used.

Drag-n-drop is also possible. When the item is moved to some other item, the update request will be sent to the server with information about item id, a new parent id a and new item index in a branch. The request is sent only for one item ( the requests for child items aren’t sent).