Is new 2.1 functionnality in Joomla plugin ?


I would like to use the new 2.1 “Year” presentation. It seems that the Joomla plugin doesn’t implement that functionnality and is still an old version. Is it possible ?

I tried to copy the new package over the joomla plugin with no success.

Many thanks.

We will update plugin for the Joomla in nearest time ( in next few weeks ) , current version still based on dhtmlxscheduler 2.0

Hi again,

I give you my solution for those who are interested.

1. install current Joomla plugin

2. in the \joomla\components\com_scheduler\ folder
   2.1 delete codebase" subfolder
   2.2 copy codebase and sources subfolders from v2.1 package
         (yes sources subfolder already exists and contains necessary files for admin interface, don’t delete them, copy the new files inside)

3. update the file \components\com_scheduler\models\scheduler.php
   3.1 in getScheduler() function
             - add year view
             - add year tab
         (perform as it describes in the help file, chapter Extension > Year view)
   3.2 in checkMode() function
         - add year (follow same principle as for day/week/month)

4. update the file \components\com_scheduler\sources\XX.php
    - add year label
    (XX is your language)

5. add the year parameter line in the configuration table
   (table xxx_scheduler_options, copy month line and adapt content)

I give you in attachement the updated files (FR language).
Enjoy. (3.76 KB)