Is possible that Combo having multiple column?

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I am new to DHTMLX technology infact I have to buy this product. I would like to know that is possible to create combo with multiple columns. The columns should display in the list but when user select the record from the list it should populate combo display value with one of the column from datasource. Tried to explain below visual representation in text.

Item Name :Burger
Item ID : Item Name
---------- -------------------------------------
22423 Burger
41221 Pizza


May be you are searching for something like combo group?
Sample is here: … roups.html

Hi ,

Thanks but this is NOT what I am looking. I want to display multiple columns in the Combo list box but in the Textbox of Combo only one item would be populated. for e.g. datasource can have columns like id, item_name , stock_qty and in the Combo drop dwon list all three columns will be displayed but in the Textbox will have “item_name” only.

I have attached snapshot.


There is no such combo view, but you can try the next 2 components:

  1. dhtxmlGrid
  2. dhtxmlPopup with dhtxmlGrid or List inside … _grid.html … _list.html

Hi ,

Thanks for the response…! But I am looking for ComboBox no Grid and do not want to do coding again this kind of work. This is very basic functionality and any library should have this functionality. If it is not possible in DHTMLX I have to look another GUI libraray.


There is an answer about such combo mode here:


This topic must be helpful to solve the issue: