Is that possible to use one of your components to use as dat

Hi. I’ve been reading your web sites searching for a solution. I’m using a classic asp with ms sql server to develop a time tracking for the project appliction. My users are currently using an Excell spreadsheet to log their times spent on the projects they have been assigned to. The Excel file they are using is composed of a project number column, a project name column, and 7 days worth of columns. When they are at the beginning of the week, the sheet should have projects on the left side of the sheet and and 7 columns blank ready for the data input. I wonder if your products accomodate my needs. Thank you.


You can use dhtmlxGrid for such kind of data entering. It allows to define any necessary configuration of columns, which can be editable or readonly
Through dataprocessor ( or some alternative solutions ) the grid can be linked to remote DB, so it will load|save data automatically.

>>I’m using a classic asp
The component is pure client - side so it can be used with any kind of server side scripts.