Is there a full reference of xml format initialiazed by grid

I want to realize autocomple combo in the grid which is initialized with xml generated by php dynamically. The combo also need dynamical load, filtering and autocomplete. suggests the xml, however, I didn’t find grid_configure class have some function to set the attributes such as auto, source, cache, etc. So I try to write xml code manually without grid_connector. But it’s a hard decision to do such thing without fully understanding the entire xml format. provide a detail format, but obviously attributes such as auto, source, etc. are not included.
While I debug into the grid combo, I found that the combo object is different from that in the dhtmlxform. The combo in the grid only have get(),put() and a few other methods, while the combo in the form has more methods such as loadXML(), enableFilteringMode, etc.

My question is:

  1. is there a solution with php grid_connector, or GridConfiguration to realize the xml?
  2. if not 1, is there a full reference of the xml format, as the title?
  3. Or other solutions?

Thank you!
(I have dhtmlx software of: 2.5pro, and 3.0Std.)

Help this? … index.html

Thank you for ur reply!
but the url is what I listed above, and such attributes as auto, source, filter are not included.
I’m wondering is there any other attributes not included.

UPPSS! :blush: