is there a hook/custom function possible just before post ?

in dhtmlxScheduler is there a hook/custom function possible just before post .
so we can change data before store.

1)Timeline view of dhtmlxScheduler when wet set from time(lightbox) but everty time post 00:00 instead of actual time


please provide a demo. The component should send an actual values to the server. However, if you use configs that affect timings, like round_position , the event times will be corrected accordingly (and event times might be rounded to 00:00 in this case).

You can use the related events of the dataprocessor to modify values before sending, however i’d suggest to investigate where the issue with event times starts, instead of correcting the values in dataprocessor manually. Otherwise the same issue may cause side effects in other parts of the application[code]var dp = new dataProcessor(“data/events.php”);

dp .attachEvent(“onBeforeUpdate”,function(id,status, data){
//any custom code
// status is a type of operation
// data - event values

return true/false; //false - cancel sending


  1. First i checked round_position but that is not used in my configs.
  2. I try to used this event but in that 3 parameter data is undefined so we can not update data
    dp .attachEvent(“onBeforeUpdate”,function(id,status, data){
    //any custom code
    // status is a type of operation
    // data - event values

return true/false; //false - cancel sending

3)Below is my scheduler timeline configuartions
name: “timeline”,
render: “bar”,

So please suggest solutions to resolved this issue.
Thanks for quick replay

As for not provided data - it is actually a bug, if you have a support subscription - please open ticket at - I will provide the updated version of dataprocessor ( same fix will be included in the next update as well )

I have no subscription yet, as i am preparing a proof of concept for a client.
I have created a POC in dojo and dhtmlx.
If that proof of concept is ok, the client will purchase a subscription

The bug with the dataprocessor is solved.
We attache this to the dp:

	dp.attachEvent("onBeforeUpdate",function(id,status, data){
	  return true; 

This will give us for data:
!nativeeditor_status = “inserted”
end_date = “2015-02-18 21:25”
id = 1424200599857
object_id = “80” (custom field)
remarks = “”
start_date = “2015-02-18 00:00”
text = “New”

Now all the fields are ok, except for the start_date. We supplied a time box as well (not a custom one. It seems it does not matter what we use as start time.
The same scheduler with unit view is not giving this problem.
The same field start_date is then giving a result, i.e: “2015-02-18 09:30”

		{name:"remarks", height:130, map_to:"remarks", type:"textarea", focus:true },
		{name:"objects", height:23, type:"select", options:objects, map_to:"object_id" },
		{name:"time", height:72, type:"calendar_time", map_to:"auto"},

Used extensions:

We can post the full config as well if needed.
We have a support subscription.

If you still have some problems with above setup - please open a support ticket and provide demo link or code of the sample where problem can be reconstructed.