Is there a limit to the number of records in Json file?

Hello everybody,
I have a booking calendar. This has 5 units and within a unit two subgroups.

Unit 1
–Unit 1.1 (/two)
–Unit 1.2 (/three)
Unit 2
–Unit 2.1 (/two)
–Unit 2.2 (/three)

When I open the calendar, a subgroup Unit1.1 (/two) is displayed for a full year 31/12/2018, the Unit1.2 (/three) only until 31.08.2018.
The Json is valid!


If I change the subgroups, subgroup Unit1.1 (/two) will be displayed until 31/08/2018 and Unit2.2 (/three) until 31/12/2018


There are many dates. Why are the data on subgroup /three and /two not displayed until 31/12/2018?

Ciao thomas

Have now switched to setLoadMode. Unfortunately it does not work either. Only one day is displayed in a unit.
Json is valid. I do not understand that.
Does not anyone have an idea?



Do you mean tree view mode in Timeline? … #viewmodes

There is no limit of records, the only question is how long events will be loaded (if there are a lot of them).
Check if all events have unique id value in data.

Previously this problem did not arise. It will be cool if you provide with any demo where the issue can be reproduced to help me understand the cause. You can load your data in the snippet and share code

Good morning Paulina,
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it’s about tree view in Timline.

If I use three Jason sources, this function will be started three times. I see how the second call to the jason source (/one) shows the data where the red question marks are. The third call to /three loads the json data and deletes the entries from the call /two. The lower entries are deleted as shown in the picture.

scheduler.attachEvent("onXLE", function () {
		scheduler.updateCollection("currentRooms", roomsArr.slice());

I have a unique ID in each json source. There are no duplicate entries.
Will try to create an online version that represents the problem.
I need to prevent the deleting of the data (/two) in the third call (/three) of the json source.
Do you have any idea?

Best regards
ciao thomas

It seems that the issue is caused by the settings in your code. Please send me an online demo using snippet system or that I can run locally, then I will try to find out what is causing the difficulties.