Is there a 'normal click' equivalent of the onContextMenu ev

onContextMenu is great because it passes the eventId if you clicked an event, and null if you clicked the scheduler. But I couldn’t find the same type of event for a normal click.

The regular ‘onClick’ only works for if you click an event.

Also, would there be a way of detecting the time and unit that was clicked?



The easiest way would be to change the source code, open dhtmlxscheduler.js, locate !scheduler.callEvent("onClick",
Full line in uncompressed version:

if ((id && !scheduler.callEvent("onClick",[id,e])) ||scheduler.config.readonly) return;

Simply delete ‘id’ check:

if (!scheduler.callEvent("onClick",[id,e]) ||scheduler.config.readonly) return;

Unfortunately that’s tricky and there is no easy way to do it for now.

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