Is there a setMinutesInterval in suite 6+?


Is there a minutes interval on initializing the calendar?

var calendar = new dhx.Calendar(null, 
   timePicker: true,
   timeFormat: 12,
   css: "dhx_widget--bordered",
   dateFormat: "%d/%m/%y"


Achieved thanks all.

var timepickerObjectMinutes = calendar._timepicker._minutesSlider;
timepickerObjectMinutes.config.step = 15;
timepickerObjectMinutes.events.on("Change", function(){
    if(calendar._timepicker._time.m==60){calendar._timepicker._time.m = 59;}

If anyone need to access the timepicker from the calendar, make use of this. Thanks all


Thank you for your note.
We’ll add the similar feature in the 6.2 version of the dhtmlxSuite.