is there a way that we can change military time to regular t

There is military time in schedule. How can I change it to regular time?


Sample folders include
which show’s how it can be done

scheduler.config.hour_date="%h:%i %A";

I’m trying to figure out how to change the time to 12 hour. I’ve gone to samples and I can’t find any information that helps me. Could someone give me step by step what I need to do. I’m a newbie in all things. Thanks.

After messing around I figured it out - it’s actually very simple. Note this is in the wordpress plugin.

From your wordpress dashboard, go to plugins, scheduler, templates. In the top left box (DATE FORMATS) within the templates you will see
Hour date %H:%i

You want to change the %H:%i to %h:%i %A

Save your changes and your done.

I’m new to figuring this stuff out, so hopefully I’ve helped someone else who is new. So far I like this calendar!