Is there a way to define a business year?

Is there a way to define a business year? A business year usually does not start at 1. January but starts at any other day. So is there a way to specify a business year by setting the start day and then use a time scale based on this business year with sub scales also based on the business year?

currently you can’t define a custom time unit for the gantt. You can try defining the required time range using start_date/end_date settings of the gantt … onfig.html … onfig.html

What I can do is a time shift in data, but if I do this, i can not use business year together with calendar year by making one being the scale and the other the sub scale.

Do you intent to introduce business year support in one of the next releases?

The business year varies between countries and companies, so probably there won’t be a built-in method. However, we’ll add a guide on how to implement it in the application. Please check the reply on implementing quarters, i think you can implement business year unit the similar way