Is there a way to disable mult day events.

I don’t wish for people to be able to drag create multi day events, is there any config setting to disable multi day events?

Many thanks


RTFM? You need this line?

scheduler.config.multi_day = false;

Thanks for your wonderful advice 2fast, it didn’t help.

I’m assuming you haven’t RTFMd or tried this, as it doesn’t work for me, and the manual says it does something else.

Also the manual, which I had read says:

“enables rendering of multi-day events in daily and weekly views”

Above options just hide multi-day events from some views , but not prevent creation of such kind of events. You can use onEventSave and onEventCreated events - it possible to attach custom code, which will check start and end date of event and update it to prevent multi-day event creation.