Is there a way to force scheduler to resize/redraw?


I am trying to use the scheduler in a resizeable panel that I created. The panels can be toggled on or off as well as resized by the user. The panel containing the scheduler is off by default. I use CSS transitions to slide the panel into view.

It appears that the only way to get the correct layout is to physically resize the browser window or click on one of the actions. Is there a workaround for this? If I trigger a window resize event it seems that the scheduler detects if the window size has changed, instead of detecting if the scheduler container size has changed. Is there any workaround for this?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

It appears I have answered my own question. For anyone who is interested, I just call scheduler.set_sizes();

Probably just missed that in the documentation, but found it in the source.

I have since noticed that set_sizes() only partially corrects the calendar. In my “day” view I am still missing the time rows until I resize the window. Any other ideas?

So I have worked out calling this seems to work…

scheduler.setCurrentView( scheduler.getState().date,“day” );

Anyone in the know, could you tell me if there are any ramifications of handling it this way?


Instead of the above command, you can use


set_sizes is kind of an inner command, and was not purposed for direct call. It sets only sizing of content box, withut adjusting inner content. The updateView command will repaint current view and will apply new sizes as part of this process.