Is there a way to give a toolbar button an HTML id?

I create a button on a dhtmlxtoolbar object with XML:

 <item     type="button"        id="export"        text="Export"/>

The HTML for the button looks like this:


Is there a way to do this?

<div id="custom_id">Export</div>

I’m trying to attach an object from a javascript tooltip class. It needs the id of the element to attach correctly attach, but I can’t find anything unique about the button. The div for the button is inside of several other div objects, but none of them have an id. I need to be able to set a unique identifier, but preferably it would be the id.

You can set tooltips by attribute “title” inxml:

<item id="filter" type="buttonTwoState" img="filter.gif" imgdis="filter_dis.gif" text="Filter" title="Filter"/>

Or use the method setItemToolTip(itemId, tip) to set it and setItemToolTipTemplate(itemId, template) to set its template.

The tooltips offered by dhtmlx aren’t as powerful as other libraries. I don’t want to be forced to style a tooltip with CSS and to create all of the events manually when I have a licensed version of an extremely easy and powerful tooltip library.

All I need is a way to identify the div that is created in the toolbar as my button.

Here are the tooltips I’m talking about - dhtmlx has nothing like this.

I figured out the answer. This really needs to be changed in dhtmlx. Not being able to get a reference to the element without looping over the entire document is ridiculous. Other libraries should be able to easily use dhtmlx objects.

[code]var tbObj = document.getElementsByClassName(“dhx_toolbar_base_18_dhx_blue”);
var tbDivs = tbObj[0].getElementsByTagName(“div”)

for (var i = 0; i < tbDivs.length; i < i++) {
if (tbDivs[i].innerHTML == “Export”) {
tbDivs[i].id = “export_button_id”;

getElementsByClassName is not supported in IE8.

You may try to use something like so:

toolbar.forEachItem(function(itemId){ var item = toolbar.objPull[toolbar.idPrefix+itemId]; if(item.obj) = itemId; });