Is there a way to save tabs init?

Say I have 3 tabs open. Is there a way to get the tab id, content url that was assigned to the tab, and the index.

I know how to get the tab id and the index of the tab. But how do I get the url that was attached to the tab?

you may try the following:

var url = tabbar._hrefs[tabId];

I tried that and it always returns undefined. :confused:

Even in your samples it returns undefined. :neutral_face:

The content is attached to the tab via:

How do I recall the attached url?

tabbar._hrefs returns an empty object.

In case of using methods of dhtmlxcontainer, _hrefs can not be used. Try the following instead:

var href = tabbar.cells(“d1”).getFrame().src;

tabbar.cells(“d1”).getFrame is not a function

Make sure that you use the latest tabbar version.