Is there a way to use addrow wait for user input

The addrow() method seems to add the row when we are using dataprocessor
and submits it to the server.
Is there a way we can add the new row and keep the columns in edit mode
without submitting it into the server? (i.e. add the new row but wait for the user
to edit the values before its submitted to the server ??)

Hi guys,

anyone has any sugestions on this ?
currently i’m using a popup form and the values entered are used to create a row. We want to give a true inline editing experience wherein after user chooses to add a row we submit values only after user types in the values for all columns in the newly added row in the grid

Pls help.


The best solution will be to add a validation rule that cell must not be empty.
While cell validation returns false, the row will not be sent to a server side.
or … validation

Also, there is a “row” data update mode, where changes are sent to server side only when active row is changed … emode.html

Brilliant! Thank you very much.