Is there a way to vertical scroll the grid on initial load

I am using the GRID and I am saving the LEFT and TOP values with the onScroll event using an Ajax procedure,

My grid is showing links on each cells (type =“link” content like title^newURL^_self)

Then when I click the cell link, another page is loaded on the browser, I make the changes and click the s"Save" button,

then I load the same original grid (with the cell clicked, just changed),

but the Grid is positioned at the first row, then I am trying to scroll or position the Grid at the original (TOP) value

Is there a way I can position this grid with the TOP scroll value?


Francisco Mariscal

dhtmlxGrid has method showRow(rowID) which scrolls row to the visible area. Also there is method selectRow(r, fl, preserve, show) which selects row (and first cell of it). Method has parameters:

r - row index or row object, fl - if true, then call function on select, # preserve - preserve previously selected rows true/false (false by default), show - true/false - scroll row to view, true by defaul.

So after clicking on the link you can save ID of a row and on the next grid load call one of this methods.

This is not working with smartRendering.  It never scrolls.

Are you using dynamic or static smart rendering mode? In case of dynamic smart rendering mode there is no way to select row which wasn’t loaded from the server jet.