Is there an equivalent method to 5.x version of dock/undock?

I have a nice layout of containers I need to replicate and I’d like to use Suite 7 to do it (really like the look and feel). Suite 5.x had nice cell method that would let you dock/undock a container from the layout. I have a container that is too big to really fit, so I just show a portion of it. Then when the user clicks on the container, I want to bring the WHOLE thing forward, covering stuff beneath it. When they’re done and click away, the container should back down and only show the smaller portion again.

Dock/undock is closest thing I’ve seen to this behavior. I’ve tried to replicate that with the popup but it’s not going well. I’m totally new to all this so any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortuaently currently thre is no possibility to dock/undock content of the layout.
I’ve sent your request to the dev team, so the probable solution may appear in the future updates.

Hello Asbms.

We have added the detach() method allowing to undock the component attached to the layout cell:

After that you can attach that component to a needed layout cell using the attach() method:

Please, download the latest available dhx.Suite build to get this functionality.

Thank you for your report.