Is there an issue with PHP7.x and exporting to Excel?


I’m running XAMPP for Windows 7.1.7 (PHP Version 7.1.7)
I’m able to generate the excel using the online link(myGrid.toExcel(“http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/excel”) HOWEVER using the (myGrid.toExcel(“codebase/grid-excel-php/generate.php”) generates a bunch of error_report xml files in the PDFErrorHandler function of generate.php. The actual error string ($errstr) is “A non-numeric value encountered”.
I turned on debig = true and attached is the output file.
Is there an issue with PHPExcel and PHP Version 7.x??
debug_2017_08_29__21_48_23.zip (3.21 KB)


I’m having the same problem. Perhaps you’ve managed to find a solution?


Nope! I had to downgrade my php installation. And no word from DHTMLX support… :frowning:


I’ve managed to fix this problem by downloading the last version of PHPExcel (compatible with php 7) from github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel, and changing line 256 of gridExcelWrapper.php from $ch = “” to $ch = 0

hope this helps

private function getColName($index) { $index++; $letters = Array("A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z"); $name = ''; $ind = $index; $ready = false; $ch = 0; // <<<<<<<<<<<<<< was $ch = ""; $length = count($letters); ... ...


Same here… Alright for tiny xlsx records however bigger… in any case, fall flat while producing records with more lines…