Is there any bugs in dhtmlxConnector_v10

I used treegrid_connector to $treegrid->render_table(“priv”,“id”,“id,type,sd”);
but it appears wrong, showing
SELECT id,id,type,sd FROM priv WHERE = ‘0’

After debug into treegrid_connector.php line 98, in
public function parse_request(){

if (isset($_GET[“id”]))

$this->request->set_limit(0,0); //netralize default reaction on dyn. loading mode

I remarked $this->request->set_relation(“0”); in the else branch, problem solved.
But I don’t know if my modification will affect other codes.
Can any friends tell me?

Is the parentId must be “0”?
How if NULL?

Normally if you want to use treegrid, you need to define the parent_id field, something like

treegrid_connector to $treegrid->render_table(“priv”,“id”,“id,type,sd”,"",“parent_id”);

parent_id field is necessary to organize hierarchy. … d_treegrid

Other ways to organize hierarchy … _connector … table_tree