Is there any IDE which supports DHTMLX?


is there any IDE which supports dhtmlX code completion,events etc.?

Anything like NetBeans, Aptana, Eclipse etc.?

Or are there any guidelines on how we can make an IDE support dhtmlx ?


Maybe you have an answer now ?


There is no high priority plans to support IDEs, but we are going to release visual designer for DHTMLX. Its main goal is to simplify process of initializing components - i.e. set ptoperties, enable funxtionality, define event handlers, link with server side. DHTMLX Visual designer release will be a part od DHTMLX 3.0 release which is scheduled on April/May 2011. If you are registered user of Professional Edition and want to take part in beta tests, please send us email on support account.

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Just incase you didn’t know, visual studio 2010 has inbuilt JavaScript intellisense (Althought I have had the opportunity to use this IDE yet).

Described further in

Also don’t know if the scheduler will work with this, as I have not tried it.

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yeah, it is PHP Designer v 7.x

it’s support javascript auto completion

Is there already a specific date when Visual Designer will be relaesed?

We are going to release it together with DHTMLX 3.0, which is scheduled on May, 2011. As we’ve already mentioned, DHTMLX Pro version users can get beta of the designer to start working with it. In general it mostly ready and can be used in development process. With DHTMLX v.2.6 as well.

Hi all, excuse my bad english …

I’m developing some dhtmlx extensions for dreamweaver CS5 and CS4.

I already have a Case Tool wich writes a entire CRUD module, with client on client and ASP4 server side, you just need feed the Case Tool with some parameters

everything is open source.

“with dhtmlx on client”

I use free Codelobster PHP Edition.
It has great autocomplete.