Is there any proper documentation?

Hello there!

I’ve started to play around with your widgets couple of days ago (coming from competition - Nitobi) and I was highly impressed with possibilities that your software gives. I’m close to buying an enterprise version but there is one BIG DRAWBACK…

The more I’m getting involved in exploring Grid, Combo, Ajax capabilities, the more I’m getting really frustrated - is there any PROPER documentation available for download?? Seriously, how can you leave user with something like that - let’s take a simple example: textbox_filter in grid. In your documentation you just mention that there is something like that, but there is not single word on how to configure it. I would expect that such a professional company like yours present equally professional documentation… Tell me what do you think about it - maybe it’s me who is searching in a wrong place?


Paul May

We are constantly working on upgrade of existing documentation. Oncoming update ( end of August ) will contain major update for documentation - which will add a lot of additional info and the better navigation for documentation.

>>textbox_filter in grid
Textbox filter is an one of final implementations of filterBy method. It has not any configuration options.
Types of filters … 9463029000