Is there any way to edit text and insert hyper links?

Is there anyway to insert hyper links into event descriptions?

Thanks for any help

By default content of event is rendered as HTML, so you can place any html tags in the description of events. tag will be converted to the working link.

Ok, last question on this topic: Is there anyway to attach a WYSIWYG editor to the scheduler so that I don’t have to html tag the entries? I just can’t make this work.

Here’s the html I enter: Business By The Book But here’s the output when I click the link: …

Somehow the URL is getting jumbled. I have no idea how to fix this.

You can create a custom form block, and use any kind of editor for the field.

As for problem with links in your case - doublecheck the server side code, it possible that you have “magic quotes” or similar feature enabled, which escapes quotes in the text and breaks the links.