Is there ProcessOn/Off function?

There is ProcessOn function in V5.2, is it in V6?

Could you please, clarify your request, as I cannot find such function in the dhtmlxSuite 5

Unfortunately there is no such progress spinner in the dhtmlxLayout 6.

So, how to display a progress for example while hitting a API ?

DIY :wink:. Example:

Thank’s @proldapru,

But i want to apply it in Layout’s cell. you might have a workaround, could you provide me any samples ?

Thank you.

You may try to add the css to the attaching component.
Something like:

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Interesting solution. Thank you, @sematik!

nah, this is Thank You, for all your help on this forum. Appreciate it greatly.

thanks @sematik, but it would be better if you add functionality ((progressOn/Off) like your team did in the previous version, are you planning to do it in the update version ?

Unfortunately we have no plans in near future to add the progress bar in the dhtmlxLayouit.

i have been try in 6.5.2

but why the progress dosn’nt want to round its stuck.

It’s working fine for me.
Could you please, clarify the using browser?

i’m try using chrome and mozilla the result has same can’t round, i user version 6.5.2 standart.
is there any add javascrip???

Coould you please, clarify the sample in the snippet is not workinfg, or the locally implemented solution is not working for you?
As the linked snippet (using the dhtmlxSuite 6.5.2) is working well for me.

in the snippet the progress has moving, but on my implementation the progress has won’t moving, i dont know why mean while the code has same exactly with in the snippet.

Could you please, provide your simplified complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed locally.

the problem is on css if i use suite.css dhtmlxSuite v.6.5.2 Standard it will not be spin, but if i use css in free 30-day trial it works, thanks for your attention…

There are two different css files in In suite.css file keyframes for rotation called ‘button-loading’, but in suite.min.css it’s called ‘a’. So if you use suite.css file, just redefine animation line in your css definition:

animation: button-loading 3s infinite linear;