Is this a bug on minutes scale?

At page … scale.html

1.shrink a time.
2.drag the time right or left.

then, the timeline is back to the pre-width! :astonished:

It happens because duration step is set to 60 minutes while subscale step is 15 minutes. That’s why when you resize the task, it snaps 15 minute scale, but the duration has an integer value so Gantt rounds it depending on the value. You can set duration_step to 15 then task size won’t change:

gantt.config.duration_step = 60;

But after that you may need to recalculate all durations you have. Here is an example:
You can read more about duration_step in the following article: … onfig.html

ramil, Thank you for your reply.

I changed the duration_step to 15.
It goes well. Thank you!