isDirty gantt chart and grid method


I was wondering if there’s an isDirty state for the gantt chart? I know the manual way would be to toggle a flag on each gantt event and set to false after saving. Is there a built in way around this?


Please clarify what that method should do.
Do you want to check if there are unsaved changes? You can try using the Data Processor API, there is getSyncState() function that checks if there are unsaved changes:

I wanted to emulate isDirty from html forms where I can check to see if there are new changes on the chart or grid.

Preferably I’d like to do a complete front-end implementation of this. I think I can built a method around serializing the gantt and compare.

The method I suggested checks if there are changed that have not been sent yet (those tasks are usually bold). If the database changed not because of Gantt, it won’t be reflected.